Grant Information

Before funds are sought from For A Better Tomorrow (FBT), the individual or organization should review the FBT’s priorities and policies to determine whether it is eligible to be considered for funding and whether the type of activity proposed is in one of the funding areas. To assist applicants in deciding whether an application will be worth submitting, we require applicants to contact For A Better Tomorrow by letter, E-mail, phone or a personal visit before making fund application.

FBT is primarily a international funder and applications are usually not accepted for organizations inside the U.S. FBT only rarely funds in the U.S. All U.S. applications must be invited by the Board of Directors to be considered for funding. The following information is required to submit this application. Please have the following information handy before you start this application.  


  • A brief summary of the organization, its history, mission, goals and major achievements
  • The population to be served by the proposed project or program and any relevant characteristics (e.g. size, age)
  • The opportunity or need for which the proposed activity is a response or solution (cite source or reference if statistics or opinions are included)
  • Program or project objectives, a summary of the activities to be funded, and any other programmatic details that might be needed to clarify the request
  • The amount of funds requested, the duration of time over which For A Better Tomorrow funds will be needed, and anticipated sources of support when funding ceases
  • The method to be used to determine the effectiveness of the funded program or project
  • Information about the staff of the organization, including those responsible for the program or project

Additional Materials:

  • Tax Exemption determination letter for the organization (if applicable)
  • Charter and bylaws for the organization (if applicable)
  • Most recently completed audited financial statements for the organization's operations showing the year's income and expenses, final balances at year's end and an explanation for anything unusual reported in the statements a copy of the organization’s current operating budget
  • A cover letter, including the signatures of the presiding officer of the board and the executive director (or person in the equivalent role) of the organization to indicate that both the board and the chief staff person have approved the proposal being submitted to FBT
  • Name and phone number of contact person with whom For Better Tomorrow Inc. may make arrangements for an interview or site visit, or from whom they may request additional information

Executive Summary:

  • A one- to two-page summary of the proposal


  • An expense budget for the proposed activity and the revenue plan for the budget with categories of sources and amounts

Board of Directors List:

  • A current list of members of the organization’s board of directors, with occupations or positions, and a statement of board involvement and functions within the organization

Click on the following link to view grant information in a downloadable PDF form to secure all the information needed to complete the online grant application form.