2017 YICU Awards

for a better tomorrow

YICU Service Awards 2017




Individual Awards


Age Group 12-15

Carys Lovell, 15, Bloomington, IL

Rajeshwari More, 12, Bloomington, IL

Savannah Sleevar, 14, Bloomington, IL

Age Group 16-17

Bhavana Ravala, 16, Bloomington, IL

Caroline Pickering, 17, Bloomington, IL

Sankalp Amaravadi, 16, Bloomington, IL

Age Group 12-15

Georgi Roll, 18, Bloomington, IL

Micah Johnson, 18, Bloomington, IL

Sankhya Amaravadi, 22, Bloomington, IL

Team Award


Not In Our School Student Coalition Team – Aishwarya Shekara, Kavya Sudhir, Mihir Bafna, Anniah Watson, Ajitesh Muppuru, Zitlally(Lolly) Arias, Fiona Ward Shaw and Shreeya Malpani

“All the YICU nominees are amazing! They should all be applauded for their involvement in the community. To say it was difficult choosing award winners in each category is an understatement. They are all winners”, said Deanna Frautschi, YICU selection committee chair


FBT is excited to make a $250 donation towards the following non-profits chosen by the award winners:

  • Not in our Town/School (in honor of Carys Lovell)

  • West Bloomington Revitalization Program (in honor of Rajeshwari More)

  • The Humane Society of Central Illinois (in honor of Savannah Sleevar)

  • Girls Scouts of Central Illinois (in honor of Bhavana Ravala)

  • Child Protection Network (in honor of Caroline Pickering)

  • Unity Community Center (in honor of Sankalp Amaravadi)

  • Immigration Project (in honor of Georgi Roll)

  • Mid Central Community Action (in honor of Micah Johnson)

  • Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue – CISAR (in honor of Sankhya Amaravadi)

  • Not in our school (in honor of Not In Our School Student Coalition team)

YICU Youth Mentor Award

Jim Karch, Public Works Director for City of Bloomington received YICU Youth Mentor Award. Jim also serves as a High School Ministry Partner, spending up to 10 hours a month developing high school students on servant leadership. His nominator, Vasu Pinnamaraju describes Jim as “a great husband, father, friend, mentor, leader and a true gentleman. He is a very compassionate person, one who truly cares about people, especially the youth he works with.”


YICU Youth Advocate Award

Promise Council, a community non-profit was awarded YICU Youth Advocate Award. Promise Council established in 2009 helps remove barriers to learning so students have the fundamental resources they need to be successful. Promise Council’s nominator, Terri Helregel extols their contributions and explains, “The council currently has a presence in 11 Bloomington-Normal schools however the demand continues to rise. Working with schools, teachers and students has never been more important than it is today.”

for a better tomorrow

YICU Service Awards 2017



Ajitesh Muppuru

Amber Hill

Amit Sawhney

Anusha Bhojanam

Arjun Kale

Austin Spaulding

Bhavana Ravala

Breanne Penn

Bronwen Boyd

Camron Hinman

Caroline Pickering

Carys Lovell

Cieera Ester

Danylle Myers

Elena Hollingswoth

Emily Fienhold

Georgi Roll

Jasie Keich

Jaylyn Haynes

Jeffrey Risberg

Kaitlyn Stephens

Kavya Sudhir

Leah Sebade

Logan Smith

Makayla Castle

Manasa Chenna

Micah Johnson

Nachiketh Rotte

Nathaniel Parson

Rajeshwari More

Rebekah Hermann

Sankalp Amaravadi

Sankhya Amaravadi

Savannah Sleevar

Sharanya Rotte

Shreeya Malpani

Sierra Fields

Sky Holland

Sky Watson

Tristan Bishop

Veil Aydoner

Wah Chook

William Short

Zitially Arias

YICU Service Award Team Nominees

Not In Our School Student Coalition

Bloomington High School Promise Council