YOU can be the ONE to make a difference. You can make a tangible difference by partnering with "For A Better Tomorrow"

  1. Mail a Donation to:
    • For A Better Tomorrow, 808 S. Eldorado Road, Suite 1, Bloomington, IL 61704
  2. Donate by Phone:
    • Want to talk to a Board Member? We’ll be happy to take your credit card donation by phone at (309) 434-0101
  3. Make a Online Donation 
    • Set up a recurring monthly donation
    • Or make one time contribution online. 
    • Chase QuickPay: Use Email ID to donate online using your Chase Account
  4. Organize a Birthday Fundraiser
    • Instead of gifts, why not ask for donations to "For A Better Tomorrow"?
    • Celebrate your or your friend/family member's birthday and humanity at the same time
  5. Organize a Sports Fundraiser
    • Whether you’re running a marathon, cycling, climbing Mt. Everest, or anything in between, raise funds and awareness for "For A Better Tomorrow" and humanity around the world
  6. Do you have other creative ideas?
    • Have a dance party, foodie get together, bake pies.
    • Do your thing, just do it for "For A Better Tomorrow"
  7. You can donate in someone's honor
    • Make a gift and dedicate it to a friend or family member.
    • We’ll send them a personalized card informing them of your generosity

Sponsor a project

  1. A sustainable project changes the lives of hundreds in developing countries. 
    • We take up projects that can provide accountable philanthropy through service and leadership. 
    • Depending on the location, project sponsorship ranges from $5,000 to $20,000
  2. To commemorate your gift, we’ll recognize you and contributions.
    • For more information, contact us at (309) 434-0101