Kite Fest 2020 

When: Saturday, August 22nd at 7:00 pm CST (Link to event coming soon)

For a Better Tomorrow presents Kite Fest, an annual fundraising event benefiting local and global communities.

Through sponsorships and donations collected, we divide our net proceeds from the event amidst chosen non-profits like Sunnyside Community Garden.  Your generous donation to support this event, will not only honor someone or something special but also enable four great causes to advance their missions.

Winner of the contest will be decided based on judges rating and total views.

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FBT KiteFest 2020 2
Bunny Dancers
Story of a Seedling
Mission Covid
Contemporary dance by Gabbi Walker
Paint Murals by Satvika Boyina
Art and Craft by Akshara Durvasula
Baby Shark by Thanvikha Hariharan
Song by Nihar Krishna
UB Dance Academy
Song by Nithya Karnati