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Maya Book Project


For a Better Tomorrow is funding the reprinting of 3000 more copies of Margarito’s Forest, and the books should be ready for distribution in Guatemalan schools by the beginning of the school year in January 2020. The impact of these books is best expressed by the teachers who will use them. Said one, “The book is an extremely important resource for educators and students. Its message about protecting the environment and caring for the forests is so important for students. The book reinforces reading and writing in K’iche’, English, and Spanish, and it connects students to the roots of their culture and ancestors. It is a family story of someone from the students’ own community and culture.” Another teacher said, “The translation of K’iche’ by Eduardo is wonderfully done. For many K’iche’-speaking communities, they never learned to write or read well in their own language, even the teachers. This is a great resource for teaching K’iche’ to students.” Because many classrooms have no books at all, Margarito’s Forest is an especially important teaching tool. One teacher commented, “Being able to read a story in their own language, about their own neighbors, and stories from their own people is incredible.”