About Us


To eliminate the gap between abundance and need.

Our Mission:

Promote social justice by meeting needs in the local community and the world through accountable, sustainable philanthropy and by nurturing future generations of servant leaders.

Our Values:

We are driven and guided by social justice through accountable philanthropy, transparency, integrity, servant leadership, inclusion, and an abiding respect for diversity.

Our Beliefs and Behaviors:

  • We believe in hope and hope for a betterĀ tomorrow.
  • We demonstrate in thought and action a firm commitment to social justice and diversity.
  • We seek to provide support that is both sustainable and culturally sensitive.
  • We espouse transparency and integrity in all we do.
  • We collaborate in all endeavors and seek to empower others.
  • We impart the importance of servant leadership to others, including youth.

Five tenets of FBT Giving:

  • We comprehensively vet all projects, ensuring they are non-political and non-religious;
  • We create sustainability;
  • We require representation by a liaison personally known to the board at the site of all global projects;
  • We provide support using local vendors to enhance local economies;
  • We ensure that at least 98% of total funds raised go directly toward the projects we support.Ā