About Us


To eliminate the gap between abundance and need.


Promote social justice by meeting needs in the local community and the world through accountable, sustainable philanthropy and by nurturing future generations of servant leaders.

Values: (What guides our decisions?)

We are driven and guided by social justice through accountable philanthropy, transparency, integrity, servant leadership, inclusion, and an inherent respect for diversity.

Behaviors and Beliefs:

In light of our vision, mission, and values, we hold ourselves to the following behaviors/commitments/actions/dispositions :

  • We believe in hope and hope for a better tomorrow.
  • We demonstrate in thought and action a firm commitment to social justice and diversity.
  • We seek to provide support that is both sustainable and culturally sensitive.
  • We espouse transparency and integrity in all we do.
  • We collaborate in all endeavors and seek to empower others.
  • We impart the importance of servant leadership to others, including youth.

Five tenets of FBT Giving: (What makes us different?)

  • Comprehensive vetting of projects (non-political and non-religious)
  • Creation of sustainability
  • Representation on the ground for Global projects
  • Reimbursement rather than giving direct financial support
  • 98% of total funds raised go toward projects