Our Impact

For A Better Tomorrow (FBT) strives to offer sustainable funding to nonprofits globally that provide valuable grassroots level service. FBT currently supports the following project efforts:

The book is an extremely important resource for educators and students. Its message about protecting the environment and caring for the forests is so important for students. The book reinforces reading and writing in K’iche’, English, and Spanish, and it connects students to the roots of their culture and ancestors. It is a family story of someone from the students’ own community and culture.

Safe Passage, a school in Guatemala that serves 500 low income students.  The school is located within the parameters of the largest active garbage dump in Central America. FBT fund the installation of an air filtration system at the school, which the board approved.  This effort will ensure that the students and staff have a healthy environment in which to learn and teach.

Nirmaan is a constructive citizen movement for an empowered India, thereby making the world a better place to live in. Nirmaan was founded in 2005 by a group of BITS-Pilani University students with a passion for humanity and to fulfil their responsibility towards the less privileged brothers & sisters.

Approved Financial Support - $9,000

Approved Financial Support - $8,000

Approved Financial Support - $8,000