YGC Program Overview

Youth Global Citizen

Program Overview
Youth Global Citizen (YGC) is an experiential learning program that teaches young adults leadership skills and the significance of service and philanthropy. YGC cultivates leaders with diverse perspectives to serve and lead. YGC participants are high school aged individuals (graduating 8th graders through graduating seniors) who attend a series of learning events alongside a group of peers over five consecutive weekends throughout June. These learning events are broken into various topics, activities, and presenters that are designed to be interactive and introspective. In addition to the learning events, YGC participants also complete a team project benefiting a local non-profit organization. The types of individuals who get the most out of the YGC program include those who have:

  • A strong desire to become a better leader in all aspects of life;
  • A passion for serving others;
  • An eagerness to learn and develop their own character;
  • A willingness to collaborate and learn from others;
  • A willingness to have ideas challenged;
  • An awareness of injustices that call them to action.

YGC 2021 Program Calendar

YGC in 2021 will be from July 30th-August 14th.

All sessions will be held on the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University in the State Farm Hall.

YGC participants will deliver final project presentations and receive graduation certificates at a graduation event that will occur approximately 2 months after the final learning event. This allows each project team to execute their project plans and report back on the results. Date & time is still TBD, but for reference it was Sunday September 8th earlier this year.

Benefits to Graduates:

  • Greater self-understanding and self-confidence in their ability to lead
  • Comfort and skill working in a team with diverse individuals and perspectives
  • Work on a project team to understand a local/global need and providing necessary support through fundraising efforts and service

Tuition for the YGC program is $TBD per participant (tuition assistance is available upon request). This fee helps to cover the cost of hosting the program, despite the many great volunteers that donate their talents to help make YGC possible. Donations in excess are graciously welcomed.

How do I apply?

  • We are currently accepting applications through June 20, 2021. Please complete our online interest form to be considered for YGC2021
  • Parents, school faculty and administrators, and friends of individuals who would benefit from the YGC experience are encouraged to complete our online nomination form

Alumni looking for more?

We’ve heard from our alums and their families that they want more after the YGC experience. That’s why we’ve given our alum a way to tell us how you want to get involved. Complete the form and we’ll be in touch!

More info?

Reach out to contactus@forbettertomorrow.org